Steve Pearce`s Souped Up Wheels

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NBC sports brought this story to my attention yesterday, and it left me scratching my head looking for answers.

As a 30-year-old journeyman trying to log 200 plate appearances in the majors for the first time this season Steve Pearce is someone to root for and the Orioles outfielder/designated hitter also has an interesting way of getting to Camden Yards for work each day.

“I had a big old truck last year … driving around in the city sometimes is a pain in the butt,” Pearce told Rich Dubroff of So instead Pearce got “a souped-up electric skateboard” that he rides to the ballpark:

I can certainly understand where Steve is coming from, I hate city driving as well, but come on maaaan.  You’re a major league ball player, act like you belong.  I get it, the guys in the club house with the multi-million dollar deals are rocking Maserati’s and Benz’s, and if you can’t keep up with the Adam Joneses of the world why try?   No sense in buying a reasonably priced 4-door-sedan when you can trick out a skateboard.  I’m sure that as far as electric-powered skateboards go this thing is top-notch, the Lamborghini of long-boards if you will.  Seriously though, it’s tough enough convincing chicks you really play for the Orioles when you’re a player on Pearce’s level.  I can hear him now, “No really, I play for the Orioles.  They give me a jersey and everything”   You’re sure as hell not selling this story any easier when you have to convince her that there’s room for two on the Tony Hawk mobile. But most importantly Steve, be careful, I’m pulling for you to make it here in Baltimore.  However, you’re only one trip to the DL  away from sitting in a local watering hole somewhere bragging about how you led the grapefruit league in home runs. You don’t want to be looking  back on your career wondering might have been if not for that damn ankle injury you suffered when you got loose around a curb on your hover board.

"I drive a skateboard, but I'm better than you at baseball."

“I drive a skateboard, but I’m better than you at baseball.”

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