Paul DePodesta, The Guy Played By Jonah Hill In ‘Moneyball,’ Has Been Hired By, You Guessed It, The Cleveland Browns

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Paul DePodesta, who is best known for being played by Jonah Hill in ‘Moneyball,’ and who worked for the Mets last season helping them become National League champions, has now been hired by the Cleveland Browns to help get them out of the mess that they have been in since the original Browns left for Baltimore. DePodesta will serve as the Browns chief strategy officer. DePodesta will be directly under owner Jimmy Haslam and Browns’ president Alec Scheiner.


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This is a high risk, high reward situation in my opinion. I’m a fan of this move, but for just about any other team but the Browns. DePodesta has shown he has incredible talent, but has never worked in the NFL, and the Browns are the last team that should be taking chances right now. They need consistency and certainty, and this hire is a big risk. But one thing we do know is that everything the Browns have done hasn’t worked so far, so fuck it, may as well try something new..again.

But hey, I’m fine with the Browns shooting themselves in the foot time after time again, cause even when the Ravens have one of the worst seasons we’ve ever seen in this town, we can always count on the lowly Browns to guarantee that we won’t finish last in the division.


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