Pats Win Super Bowl On Worst Offensive Call In NFL History

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Let’s sum it up.  Great game.  New England in control early.  Seattle ties at the half.  Seattle then pulls away in second half.  Legion of Boom is not.  Pats come back after being down ten to take the lead.  Seahawks get one last chance.  Seattle’s Jermaine Kearse makes a crazy/fluke catch near the goal line.  Under a minute left.  Marshawn Lynch gets close on first down.  Looks for sure that Seattle will win.  On second down they let the clock bleed.  Instead of running it with Lynch again, or rolling out Russell Wilson, they run some bullshit pick play/slant and Wilson gets his ass picked by Malcolm Butler.  Game over Seattle.  Congrats, Seattle, you just called the worst offensive play in NFL history.


I mean, can anyone believe they called that?  What the hell were the Seahawks thinking?  Utterly terrible.  It’s a shame for Malcolm Butler that the play call was so egregious too, because he made an incredible play in a pressure situation and all anybody will talk about is the play call by Seattle.

Meanwhile, the Pats and Tom Brady took it to the Legion of Boom.  Brady got picked twice and still battled back to win. I hate the hell out of ’em, but the Pats made the plays that mattered, including a massive goal line interception in the game’s last seconds.

Game Thoughts

Seattle wasn’t physical enough and they refused to adjust their coverages.  They just do what they do and feel that’s enough.  It wasn’t.  When Tom Brady knows the coverage on every play during the pre-snap, and when his O-Line can protect, the defense will always lose.

Kearse’s catch was insane and it if the Pats would have lost they could have legitimately argued that they lost three Super Bowls on three bullshit catches.

Pete Carroll is mumbling and bumbling his post game interview.  He took the blame on the last play call.  He should- it sucked.

Julian Edelman is one tough bastard.  I thought he should have won MVP.

Marshawn Lynch, not Russell Wilson, is the Seattle offense.  If Lynch leaves the whole team identity changes.

This look says it all……



The Ravens are just as good as either of these teams.  With Jimmy Smith healthy and more pieces added the Ravens will be in the mix again next year.

Great game, great Super Bowl.

On to next year.

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