Parents Make 14-Year-Old Daughter Live In Woods For A Week For Eating A Pop Tart Without Permission

News — July 9, 2015 at 11:17 pm by

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According to WWLP, Police report that a couple in Dalzell, South Carolina have been arrested for forcing their 14-year-old daughter to leave their house, and live out in the woods in a tent for an entire week, with no supplies except for a flashlight, a roll of toilet paper, a whistle, and a watch.

The crime she committed to earn such a punishment? Eating a Pop Tart without parental permission.

The girl was required to meet a parent at a fence at specific times if she wanted any food. She was found two days into her punishment by authorities.


Anyone who is team little girl is forgetting the fact that we’re talking about Pop Tarts here. Let’s put ourselves in the parents’ shoes for a minute here. Although the variety is unknown, based on the punishment given, I’d guess we’re talking about a mid-level flavor of Pop Tart. If she had eaten one of my Pop Tarts, and it was something gross, like blueberry without frosting, or a peanut butter and jelly one, I’m probably just shrugging my shoulders and chalking that one up to a small loss. Joke would be on me really for buying such a shitty flavored Pop Tart. I’d deserve what I got. But if we’re talking brown sugar and cinnamon with the frosting on the top (especially if it’s toasted to a warm golden brown), then that girl’s getting two weeks in the woods, no supplies, no food at the fence.

So based on her getting a sentence of having to live in the woods for one week with food and supplies provided, I’m going to guess that this was a strawberry Pop Tart, with frosting, or maybe a s’mores flavored one. An enjoyable Pop Tart to eat, but we’re not talking life or death here, just a week in the woods.

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