Overnight Timeline and Shootout Audio/Video of Boston Manhunt

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I have to admit it, I am locked onto CNN. This crazy real life drama in Boston has me sucked in. It’s an awful situation and another innocent person has been killed. There has never been anything like this bombing and subsequent manhunt in the history of the United States. In case you live in a cave here’s what has gone on overnight.

The two bombing suspects rob a 7-11.

The suspects shoot and kill an unsuspecting MIT campus police officer who was simply sitting in his cruiser.

The suspects car-jacked a car, told the driver they were the bombing suspects, and then released the driver a half hour later.

A police chase then ensues. The suspects, in the car-jacked vehicle and armed with guns and home-made grenades, shoot it out with police . A witness said he heard at least 60 gunshots. Here is video/audio of the shootout


 In the shootout the police kill Suspect #1 Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The second suspect, Tsarnaev’s younger brother Dzhokhar, somehow eludes authorities and escapes after running over his wounded brother.

Boston is locked down as police search for Dzhokhar. People who know him claim he is a “normal kid.”

Hopefully the authorities can kill or arrest this bastard before anymore innocents get hurt.

Stay strong Boston.



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