Our Top 10 Postseason Ravens

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In case you live under a damn rock, The Boys in Purple are Super Bowl Champs.  The Ravens brutalized the San Francisco 49ers for 30 minutes and then Paul Tagliabue stuck a hairpin in an electrical socket and shorted the lights out.  The Ravens then withstood a furious 49er comeback, culminating with a dramatic goal line stand, to take home the Lombardi.  It was a Baltimore Heart Attack special, and it capped off an incredibly dramatic and exciting postseason.  Now it’s time for a bunch of wannabes and so-called experts to sit down at laptops and keyboards to break down the game and act like they know what the hell they are talking about.  I resemble this remark, so here we go.

Football of course is the ultimate team game.  But we have chosen 10 Ravens who’s play in the postseason stood out to us the most.

10.  Ray Rice……….Rice had some fumble issues this postseason, but since he is the proverbial straw that stirs the offensive drink, we’ll give him a pass on his three cough ups.  Rice was solid all postseason, and his work-horse effort versus Denver embodies what playoff football is all about.  His mere presence keeps defenses honest and opens up all those big plays for #5.

9.  Haloti Ngata……….Ngata struggled with injuries most of the regular season.  When he got healthy is when the Ravens run D really stepped up.  Notice how the 49ers really ran amok after Ngata left the game with a sprained knee.  His command of double teams makes life for his D-Line mates much easier.  92 is like Rice in the sense that his mere presence when healthy creates severe problems for the opposition.

8.  Corey Graham………..This free agent gem stepped up big time when called upon this season.  His pick 6 against Denver was clutch and his press coverage play against New England helped frustrate Brady and company.  The Ravens would not be Super Bowl Champions had they not signed Graham.  Believe it.

7.  Matt Birk……….Remember how Vince Wilfork beat up on a banged-up Birk in last years AFC Championship game?  I sure as hell don’t.  This savvy veterans’ play has been tremendous this postseason.  Birk has been the anchor that every great offensive line needs.  And yes, the Ravens o-line has been great.  Birk’s calls have been instrumental in this line coming together in pass protection, and his physical play really set the tone in the run game.

6.  Jacoby Jones……….Big plays.  Big freakin’ plays.  70 yard prayer answered versus Denver.  56 yard bomb in the Super Bowl.  108 yard kick return in the Super Bowl.  Are you kidding me?  Thats 234 yards and three TDs with 3 touches.  Jones was the game day bucket.  Cause game day bucket go boom.

5.  Ray Lewis……….The truth is that Ray Ray’s on field performance was average.  A lot of his tackles were past 5 yards and not impact stops.  But his last ride was about emotion and love.  Love for a city, and love for his teammates.  This emotion was the glue that made this run possible.  Screw the stats, Ray is the man.

4.  Ed Reed/Bernard Pollard……….I know, I know two players sharing a spot sucks.  But these guys mastered the safety positions this post season.  Ed Reed is under-rated.  That’s right under-rated.  Veteran QB’s are terrified of the guy, and if you sleep on him, it’s a pick.  Just ask the biceps kisser. Reed didn’t let anything get deep for over a month and he is the greatest safety in the history of football, period.  One mistake and he buries you.  His partner in crime is an enforcer.  Bernard Pollard is the quintessential heavy hitter.  He was brought here to make ball carriers pay.  He has done just that.  His hit on Stevan Ridley made the Pats quit. (He has put half of New England in the hospital.) Pollard is what Raven football is all about.

3.  Anquan Boldin……….22 catches 380 yards 4 TDs.  Every catch #81 made seemed huge.  Pound for pound he has got to be the strongest player on the field.  He plays angry, and when Joe needed a play Anquan was there.  The audibled pass play to Boldin on 3rd and 1 in the fourth quarter shows the trust and repoire that Flacco and Boldin have built.  Beast.

2.  Bryant McKinnie……….McKinnie getting his job back at left tackle is the main reason the Ravens won the Super Bowl.  Flacco stayed clean all month, and when Flacco is upright, he is damn good.  McKinnie is why he stayed clean.  He is a great left tackle, and teams that ate up QB’s all year (Denver and San Fran) went hungry against Baltimore.  His insertion to left tackle also allowed Oher to move to his natural position, as well as allowing KO to move inside.  This made the Ravens more physical as a whole, and it made them champions.

1.  Joe Flacco……….This truly was his party.  Over 1100 yards.  11 TDs, no picks.  Super Bowl MVP.  This was an historic run for a great QB.  National media…..shut the fuck up.

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