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There are 81 home games on the Orioles’ 2013 schedule.  They are all a good time.  Any Oriole game is a great excuse to turn a regular ol’ Wednesday night into a beer swilling, hot dog chomping black out.  But let’s face it booze warriors, there is  one game that is more important than the others.  That game is Opening Day.   Opening day is the beginning of Spring.  The day where the gates to $8.00 beer heaven open and we Baltimorons stumble into the most beautiful ballpark in America.  It’s  an unofficial American holiday, and you need to plan accordingly. 

Opening Day is not a, let’s jump on the light rail and catch a ballgame day.  Opening Day is an all day, over the top, drink-fest.  It’s a two-day holiday, meaning take the day of the event off and the day after off as well.  Believe me, if you do it right you’ll need the extra recovery time.    

There are several options when it comes to going to Opening Day.  Everyone has their own preferences and traditions, and that’s fine, but if you’re  a clueless son of a bitch or just new to the city, we’ll give you three different suggestions from three different parts of town,  Canton, Federal Hill, and Downtown. 


This is easy.  Any dum- dum can look across from Camden Yards and see the glory that is Pickles and Sliders on Opening Day.  The two bars are a must stop for many before any Oriole game, but on Opening Day the craziness gets cranked up a notch.  It’s fuckingpickles packed inside and out, but it’s a fun crowd so put your head down and get to the bar.  It’s probably going to be one of those situations where there are so many people that it’s probably a good idea to grab multiple drinks at once.  Group of four?  Get eight beers.  Want shots?  Get eight beers and four shots of straight booze.  Save your “white gummy bear” shooter fetish for another time.  It’s a baseball game dammit.  For food they have some outdoor grills working and we recommend going that route.  This is a simple and easy approach to Opening Day because, when you’re ready to go to your seat inside Camden Yards, it’s as easy as crossing the street.

Federal Hill

Fed Hill is always nuts before Ravens home games, but it can be just as fun for Opening Day.  We recommend a more refined start to your day here in Federal Hill by first going to Ryleigh’s on Cross Street.  April is the last month for local in- season oysters and Ryleigh’s will have ’em.  Hell, they’ve got oysters from all over.  So get there at 11 and order an Orange Crush with some oysters and some Tuna Tartar.  It’s a seafood breakfast of champions.  After a couple more Crushes head on over to Mother’s, especially if it’s nice out.  The purple patio turns orange but the beer remains beer, so drink it.  After getting your fill, walk on over to the Yard for the first pitch.


You’ll have to take a cab to the stadium, but Canton is always a good time on Opening Day, especially after the game.  For pre-game we recommend a stop at Mama’s on the Half  Shell.  They’ve got raw oysters here too and a good Tuna Tar Tare as well.  The fried oystersMamas_On_The_Half_Shell here are the best around and are also a must have appetizer.  (We are recommending apps at these places to save room for Boog’s or Geno’s or a Hotdog at the park.)  They’ve got Crushes here too so just dive on in.  After eating like a king and catching a crush induced buzz, head over to Looney’s for a Guiness or a Boh.  Top off the beer with a shot of Jameson, and you’re ready for that cab ride to Camden Yards.  We also recommend Looney’s for post-game, it’s always fun there after watching the O’s at the Yard.


So there you have it.  Hopefully you’ve got your game tickets and are ready to roll.  If you are ticketless, all is not lost, all of these spots will have the game on babes.  So ticket or not, celebrate this holiday by enjoying the bars and restaurants of Baltimore.  Go O’s!

P.S.   This is a definite cab day.  Don’t be an asshole by drinking and driving.


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