Our Coach Crushes The Tough Mudder – Your Coach Doesn’t

Featured — April 21, 2013 at 10:34 pm by

John Harbaugh is a dude who puts his money where his mouth is.  He’s not some fat-ass coach sitting around barking out orders. We know this because  Harbaugh ran the tough mudder up in West Virginia this weekend, making him the official tough bastard coach of the NFL.  The players gotta love this shit.  The coach isn’t asking them to do anything he hasn’t, or won’t, do. Harbaugh says, ” Run another lap Bryant Mckinnie, because if you can’t do it alone, I’ll run it with you.”   Then Coach Harbaugh says,”  Hey guys lift some more weights, kick some more ass, win some more Super Bowls, because I am god-damn gonna do it with you.”  Don’t you get it folks?! This kinda shit is why we are in the fucking playoffs every year, and why we won the Super Bowl.  I love it babes.  Absolutely love it. 

                              This video won’t play, for more pics and video of Coach Harbs and the mudder click here:



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