O’s swept for second time in 2018; this time in Boston

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The further we get into this first month of the baseball season the more it’s looking like the Orioles winning 3 of 4 in New York was an anomaly.  With the exception of a few bright spots here and there, the Orioles have not looked good to start 2018, the 5-11 start would suggest as such.

GOOD: Manny Machado’s bat

Now when you get swept in any series it’s hard to take away any positives, same goes for the weekend series in Boston.  However if there is one minor bright spot, it’s Machado’s bat.  Manny had a hit in every game of the series and had RBI’s in two of the three game.  Machado currently is the only Oriole regular hitting above .300.  I also made sure to say it was Machado’s bat that was good, he made 2 throwing errors in the series, and both in Game 2’s blowout loss.

BAD: Orioles strikeout kings of Baseball

I mentioned in an earlier piece about Chris Davis being a guy who strikes out and hits home runs, well you can say that for most of this ball team.  This series against the Red Sox was an ugly one.  The O’s struck out 12 times in Game 1, 9 times in Game 2 & 14 times against Chris Sale and company in Game 3.  Right now the Orioles lead the majors with 177 strikeouts, that’s an average of roughly 11 times a game.

BAD: Alex Cobb’s less than stellar debut

So I’m not going to panic and say how awful this signing was and make comparisons to Ubaldo, but I think we can all agree, not the debut we were hoping for.  Cobb was signed late in the off season so I’m willing to give a pass.  Still Cobb was not good, he allowed 3 runs before getting his first out of the game.  He finished with 3 and 2 thirds pitched allowing 7 earned runs and not getting one strike out.

BAD:  Another short outing for Chris Tillman

I hate piling on some of these guys, but when the performances are getting worse, what else can you say.  Tillman has been bad so far in 2018, there is no other way to put it.  He pitched in Game 1 of the series in Boston and he lasted just 2 innings and he allowed 6 earned runs.  Tillman has made three starts this season and he’s gone 4 innings, 5 and third & 2 innings, with the ERA at 11.91.


So there it is, again when you get swept and none of the games were really in doubt there is not a lot of good to talk about.  With the bad weather the one minor good thing is that Monday’s cancellation prevented this from being a 4 game sweep.  The fourth place Orioles get that much-needed off day on Monday before traveling to take on the equally struggling Detroit Tigers starting on Tuesday.


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