O’s Sticking With Chris Davis Batting Leadoff

Sports and Bets — April 2, 2018 at 5:30 pm by



The O’s lineup for tonight’s Astros game is out and once again the first thing that catches your eye is that Chris Davis is batting leadoff for the fourth game out of four this season.

Davis has zero hits in 12 at bats this season so far for a, you guessed it, .000 batting average. Not ideal! He does have two walks however, but Davis has far from produced so far this season.

So the question remains how long should the O’s stick with Davis in the leadoff position?

I think you’ve got to stick it out a few more games. Although the Orioles offense has been terrible with Davis at the top of the order, the whole point of this experiment was to get Davis’ bat right, and although the contact he’s been making hasn’t been good, he’s at least making contact, seeing that he only has one strikeout so far in three games.

But regardless of Davis’ success level, the O’s hitters one through nine need to get better cause through three games, this offense stinks.

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