O’s Players Started Using Trey Mancini’s Bat After His Homers, And Then Immediately Hit Homers

Sports and Bets — April 17, 2017 at 3:57 am by


As everyone knows by now Trey Mancini is a man among boys. He tied the Major League rookie record on Sunday by hitting his 6th and 7th home runs in only his twelfth big league game.

It not only seems like Mancini is a magician with the bat, but according to Buck Showalter, the bat may be magic as well.

Buck told MLB.com’s Dhiren Mahiban, via Cut4

“So Trey hits his second home run and Gentry grabs his bat and says, ‘I’m going to give that bat a try’ [and he] hits a home run. Manny says, ‘You know what? Give me that bat’ and Manny hit a home run so all of them with Mancini’s bat — I’ve never seen that before.”


Love this story, and love the bat even more. Get this bat in every player in the lineup’s hands. Trey Mancini’s bat for MVP.


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