O’s Lose To A Guy Named Ubaldo

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It’s always tough to lose to a team from Cleveland.  There’s just a loser stigma attached to Cleveland, so when you, or the team you love,  loses to a team from there it makes you feel like a double loser.  When the winning pitcher’s first name is Ubaldo, it makes you a triple loser.  Ugh.  Unfortunately, O’s fans, we’re all triple losers tonight, and a when every single game matters, feeling like a triple loser is no way to feel.

It was another case of missed opportunities for the Birds.  Three times the Orioles had Ubaldo Jimenez on the ropes, and three times they failed to produce.  Despite good offensive numbers, the Birds seem to fail a lot when it comes to situational hitting.   The clutch hit just hasn’t been there, especially of late.


Clutch is his game.

Chris Davis needs to get hot to close out the year.  As Davis goes, the O’s go.  In his last five games Davis is 2-17 with 1 RBI.  The O’s are 2-3 over those games. That’s not good.  Crush needs to turn it around quick.  Personally, I think Davis did his best work when he was plugged into the 5 hole every night.  Granted pitchers are pitching around Davis and Jones more, but Davis seemed way more comfortable at the 5.

Nate Mclouth bashed a three run shot in the ninth to get the Orioles close.  He is clutch, and he should be the lead-off guy.  Brian Roberts just isn’t that guy anymore.  Roberts went 0-5 tonight at the top of the order.

Buck should have let Michael Morse bat in the eighth.  Wilson Betemit has been awful since coming back.

The Orioles really need a three- hole hitter.  Davis and Jones are better suited as 4 and 5 guys, they strike out too much to bat third.  The Birds need to find a stud in the off-season.

Despite this loss we are still in this thing.  Don’t give up babes.

Gotta win the rubber match tomorrow.

Britton (2-3) vs Mcallister (7-8)

Let’s Go O’s!


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  1. They can’t keep losing games they should win. On to football….

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