O’s have no answers in rough New York Series

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So usually after every series I do a good and bad from the series. I wanted to change it up a bit, mostly because there wasn’t a lot of good that happened this weekend in New York.  The Orioles were outscored 38-8, yup 38-8 and are now a season high 6 games behind those same New York Yankees and in fourth place.  The Orioles are 31-30 and are in jeopardy of dropping completely out of the race.

Pitching, pitching, pitching, no matter if it’s been starting or bullpen, it’s been bad. After that nearly 40 run output this weekend, the Orioles now own the worst team ERA in the American League.  The starting rotation has been absolutely abysmal.  Since returning from injury, the ace, Chris Tillman has only gotten worse.  Over the weekend Tillman was only able to finish an inning and a third and he allowed 9 earned runs.  Tillman has given up at least 2 runs in four straight games in the first inning.  His ERA is above 8.  Kevin Gausman has been extremely frustrating to watch all season.  He has shown tiny glimpses of how good he can be, but then throws in some stinkers.  His ERA has not been below 4 since April.  I’m not going to waste much time on Ubaldo, you guys know what the deal is with him.  Really the only bright spot in the rotation is Dylan Bundy.  He’s consistently pitching 6-7 innings always giving his team a chance to win.  Right now his ERA is at a season high of 3.05.

When you look at the offense, it’s basically been two guys, Trey Mancini & Jonathan Schoop. Mancini is having a breakout type of season.  Schoop has been from opening day the Orioles most consistent hitter.  I guess you could add Wellington Castillo to the group but too many injuries to my liking.  Other than the guys I listed, not much to write home about.  Manny Machado is having a down season, Adam Jones a career .276 hitter is only hitting .253.  Last year’s home run king Mark Trumbo has just 8 as we enter the middle of June.  Chris Davis is being Chris Davis and it looks like JJ Hardy is on the last leg of a pretty good career.  The Orioles have for some time been a team that lives and dies by the home run, but this season they are struggling to just get guys on base.

So what is the fix?  To be honest, anything short of just everyone playing better, I don’t think there is one.  The Orioles don’t have the pieces in the farm system to trade for anybody that will make the team better immediately.  The only trades they can hope to make is mediocre for mediocre.  Unless the Orioles are willing to pull of a trade most would deem unthinkable.  The Orioles are stuck in a rut right now and if they want to get out of it, it might take something drastic.

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