Orioles To Pay Hourly Workers For Missed Games During Protests

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The Orioles have announced that they will pay their hourly workers for time missed during the Freddie Gray protests. From The Huffington Post, here’s the team’s full statement:

I can confirm that the Orioles are reimbursing hourly Orioles employees who lost wages during the week of April 27. The following message was shared with Orioles hourly employees yesterday: Due to the extraordinary circumstances that led to several cancelled or rescheduled games, the Orioles organization will compensate all hourly employees for hours that would have been ordinarily worked the week of April 27.

Delaware North will also compensate its concession workers for the missed games. Here’s some additional details from Roch Kubatko:

It’s always nice when you get to see the hometown team do the right thing. I know this money is a drop in the bucket for the Orioles, but it’s still a classy gesture from the club. From paying their employees for missed games, to wearing special Baltimore jerseys on Monday night, to John Angelos’ wise words on the state of Baltimore, I feel that the organization has really handled itself well in a difficult situation. Now if they could just get their shit together on the field and start winning some ballgames, I’d really be proud of my Birds.

via The Huffington Post
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