Orioles Thank Fans In “We Won’t Stop” Video

Sports and Bets — September 18, 2014 at 12:27 am by

Quite frankly, this video is the absolute business. Sure it falls a tad short of 2012’s “Glad You Came”, but seeing as that was the best video ever made in the history of this planet, you had to slightly lower your expectations this year.

Seeing the manager and the players goof off so much while still being incredibly successful is what make our city and state love this team so much. We can relate to everyone on the team, and they can relate to us. Even the ever-serious Nick Markakis got in on the action in this year’s video.

Glad to see Matt Wieters is working hard on his rehab.

via MLB.com



  1. Love it…love it…love it!

  2. Bad ass!

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