Orioles swept by the Tigers

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You are killing me Orioles!  We are not even a month into the season and this team is basically becoming unbearable to watch.  After another sweep, third time this year already that the Orioles have been swept by the way.  The Orioles now find themselves at 5-14 and in last place of the extremely tough American League East.

Now I usually do a Good and Bad list from the past series, but honestly what’s the point?  The Orioles have lost 6 in a row have been swept in consecutive series and have only won 5 out of 19 games.  Anything that I would point out as good would be minor at best.  So let’s give that a shot right now.  Manny Machado had a great Game 3 against the Tigers, he belted two home runs and an RBI double.  That is nice to see and Manny’s bat has been one of if not the most consistent, now hitting .338.  However when they lose that said game 13-8 those HRs don’t stand out as much.  Trey Mancini has done well out of the lead off spot for the birds, Mancini is hitting .322 in that position.  The power has yet to really come with only 2 home runs but I feel like in time it will.  Chris Davis hit a home run in Game 3 of the series, and for the first time this season he had hits and RBIs in back to back games, so that’s something.

I have a feeling this next part might get a bit ranty, so sorry in advance.  Where to begin, in game 1 of the series Mychal Givens gave up a run.  Doesn’t seem like the end of the world but Givens has made 8 appearances this season and has given up runs in 4 of them, his ERA 6.52.  The back-end of the bullpen in game 2 was just awful.  After the Orioles had battled back and showed some life getting a 4-2 lead in the 8th inning, Darren O’Day proceeds to give it all back with a 3 run HR in the bottom half.  Then when Luis Sardinas tied the game in the top of the ninth, Pedro Araujo gave up the walk off HR.  The bullpen is supposed to be one of our strengths, but more than once this season in critical moments they have failed.  Alex Cobb, no other way to put this, has sucked so far in 2018.  Cobb pitched in the third game of the Detroit series and lasted 3.1 innings allowing 10 hits and 5 earned runs, his season ERA is 15.43.  Now Cobb was signed late in the off-season and maybe he’s not ready.  I can however only go by his performance on the mound, and it’s been awful.  The one thing you can always count on with the Orioles however is racking up those strikeouts.  Game 1 – 12 Strikeouts, Game 2 – 10 Strikeouts, Game 3 – 11 Strikeouts.  The worst thing about this Detroit series is that the Tigers were playing worse than the O’s were.  No reason the O’s couldn’t have won a game or perhaps two.  This isn’t stat related but I’m over the Manny at shortstop experiment.  Manny is perhaps the best third baseman in the league.  Tim Beckham before this season has never played third and his natural position is SS.  It makes too much sense to put them back to where they belong.

It’s early, it’s early, I keep trying to tell myself that with this ball team.  However a bad team is a bad team and right now the Orioles are really bad.  There are bright spots, the starting pitching for the most part has been better than advertised.  Even with that the team ERA is at 4.75, third worst in the American League.  The Orioles have to start winning some games and series if they want any chance of being relevant once August and September rolls around.  Up next for the Orioles is a three game weekend series at Oriole Park against The Indians.


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