Orioles stuck in neutral after disappointing West Coast trip

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The more I watch the 2017 Orioles the more frustrated I become.  Heading into a pivotal 10 game west coast trip the Orioles were 55-56 and only 2 and a half games back for the second wild card spot.  Ten games and a 4-6 record later the Orioles are 59-62 and now 3 games back in the race for the second wild card spot.  Every time you think they are about to break out, they take a step back, sometimes several.  If the Orioles are consistent at anything in the 2017 season it’s being inconsistent.

Tim Beckham continues to rake

Ok, so far I was really wrong on Tim Beckham.  When the Orioles traded for the shortstop he was a player approaching his 30s who had not lived up to the number one overall pick status.  During the west coast trip Beckham played in all 10 games and got hits in 9 of them for a .429 batting average.  Since joining the Orioles in 16 games Beckham is hitting .485 with 5 home runs and 12 RBI.  Now obviously Beckham will not keep hitting at a .485 pace for the rest of the season, but he’s making a very strong case to be the Orioles long term replacement to JJ Hardy.

Manny’s back

Machado hit .295 on the road trip and is currently on a 6 game hitting streak.  He added some Grand Slams in the mix that both led to Orioles victories.  I think most of us had faith that Manny would be the guy we’ve grown accustom to seeing since 2012 eventually, only problem for the Orioles, too little too late.

Ubaldo’s time is almost up

That is what keeps going through my mind, just a few more starts and he’s done.  Ubaldo Jimenez has been pitching a tad better as of late, but that’s like saying being slapped in the face hurts less than being punched in the face.  Ubaldo pitched twice on the road trip, combined he gave up 9 runs in 9 and two thirds innings.  The Orioles gave Ubaldo a lot of money hoping he was going to be the pitcher he was his last half season in Cleveland.  In 4 years he’s gone 31-39 and posted a 5.09 ERA, the highest he’s had among the three teams he’s played for.

The Orioles had a golden opportunity to really make a push for the postseason on this trip.  Not getting at least one series win this trip is really going to hurt their playoff chances.  The only thing saving them at the moment is that the teams ahead of them are struggling just as much.  The Orioles went 4-6 on this west coast swing and only lost a half game in the standings.  I was going to mention Chris Davis and that awful called third strike he took on Wednesday to end the game, but what else can you say, the big man is in struggletown.

 Baltimore gets another chance to make up some ground in the wild card standings starting on Friday night when the LA Angels come in for a three game series.  The Angles currently hold the second wild card spot and the before mentioned three game lead over the birds.


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