Orioles roughed up by World Champs

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So I usually do a good and bad list after each Orioles series, but let’s be honest this past weekend against the Cubs, there wasn’t much good.  Both teams had their fair share of struggles in the first half but apparently all the Cubs needed was a series against the Orioles to find their winning ways again.  Now (as of writing this) the Orioles are 42-49 and are tied for last place in the American League East.  With exactly two weeks before the trade deadline, the Orioles have to decide who stays and who goes.

What to do with Kevin Gausman?

Now I’m not suggesting that we trade Gausman, I still feel there is something there.  But seriously, what is going on with this guy.  After his pitching performance in the 2014 playoffs and stretches during last season many, including myself, thought he was ready to take the next step.  Well, we were all wrong.  Gausman pitched in Game one of the series, he only lasted three innings and gave up 8 runs.  Gausman on the season is 5-7 with an ERA of 6.39.  Sending him to the minor leagues may be a possible solution, because obviously no one on the Major League team has any answers.

Jake Arrieta reminds O’s what could have been

Jake Arrieta is not having the season that many expected (9-7, 4.17 ERA), but I don’t think many O’s fans would argue that it’s been painful to watch how good Arrieta has been since being a Cub.  In 4 years with the Orioles Arrieta won 20 games, in the 4 plus with Chicago he’s won 63, adding a Cy Young in 2015 and a World Series title last year.  Arrieta wasn’t overpowering against the birds but he threw a strong 6 and two thirds and allowed just one earned run and struck out three.  Jake Arrieta will always be one of the ‘what could have beens’ for the Baltimore Orioles.

Hitting just as big a problem as pitching

It’s hard to talk about the Orioles and not bring up how abysmal the pitching has been for the majority of 2017.  However, the hitting has been far from stellar.  The Orioles registered 10 hits on Friday night as a potentially season changing comeback fell short.  In the last two games combined the Orioles collected….10 hits.  Plain and simple the entire Orioles lineup expect for maybe 2 or 3 players is just under performing.  Inconsistency and being too one dimensional is what are killing the birds.

It’s definitely not the way anyone wanted to see the second half of the season start for the guys in orange and black.  We still have a long way to go, hopefully if the Orioles decide to pull the trigger on some trades it might breathe some life into what is turning into a lost season.  Otherwise, we’ll quickly be reminded of the dark ages of Orioles baseball, counting down the days to training camp so we can forget about the O’s.


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