Orioles Lose To Cubs Again. I Am Pretending It Didn’t Happen.

Sports and Bets — August 24, 2014 at 11:17 am by

Blacking things out from one’s memory is a defense mechanism used by the brain so painful memories don’t dominate an individual’s psyche.  I am using this mechanism in reference to yesterday’s rain delayed nightmare.  Here is why:

The Cubs suck and may be worst team in the National League.

The Manny Machado injury news is seemingly having a negative mental effect on this team.


The O’s suddenly can’t hit for shit.

Tommy Hunter became Evil Tommy Hunter again.

Bud Norris imploded.

The Yankees have won three in a row and sit seven games back.  The O’s can’t lose to shitty teams like this.

Jake Arrieta would look good in our rotation, but hindsight is always 20/20.  ( He was a complete head case here.)


That is all. I am no longer discussing the bullshit that has occurred over the last two days.

Time to get ’em regrouped, Buck.

Next Up For The O’s:

Gonzo (6-6) vs Wada (3-1)

If we lose to another former O’s pitcher, my TV is in real danger……





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  1. Well said!

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