Orioles Hot Stove Season Starts with Wieters and Hardy Talks

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The World Series champs have been crowned and the off-season trade rumor madness has officially begun.  The Orioles camp is saying that Gold Glove catcher Matt Wieters is on the trading block. They are also saying they are not actively shopping another one of their  Gold Glove winners, J.J. Hardy. However, the Birds were allegedly blocked on a trade offer to send Hardy to St. Louis for young stud pitcher Shelby Miller. What do you think of this O’s Fans? Here are the Chode’s thoughts:

 No one can take anything away from Matt Wieters defensively. But most people rag on his offensive production. I would like to point out that while Matt’s average isn’t where you would like to see it, in comparison to most catchers his bat does have a lot of power.  Wieters has hit over 20 Home Runs the last 3 years. For a catcher that’s a lot of pop. Wieters has two more seasons under the Orioles control before he becomes a free agent. Matt has been offered a contract extension twice now, and both times he has declined the offer. The bottom line with Wieters is that when he does become a free agent, he’s going to want a contract that will sound as ridiculous as Robinson Cano’s 305 million dollar demand. There is no chance the birds sign that type of deal, so if we can’t keep him, trade him now and get guys we can keep. That simple. I love having Wieters behind the plate, but he’s not going to give the Orioles any Hometown discounts so we have to do what we have to do, and Wieters has solid trade value.

Now some people aren’t making a big deal out of potentially trading Wieters because he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype he brought with him. Fans are singing a different tune about Hardy though, and the team is too. They are not just going to move Hardy just to move him. You could make the argument that Hardy is the best all around shortstop in the AL. JJ is a gold glover and a silver slugger. That’s why other teams covet him so much. The Orioles aren’t actively trying to get rid of Hardy but if the right deal came up they might have to take it. The reason being that this is the last year on Hardy’s deal. That said, I don’t know what JJ’s plans are after next season. If  there is a good chance of Hardy not coming back to Baltimore, you have to consider dealing him now if you can get top-tier pitching,which we need so badly.

The Orioles team didn’t get the job done last year and we need to make changes. As fans, if we want to get better we may have to say goodbye to some players we like. That’s the cost of doing business in the MLB. Teams aren’t going to trade you their top players for your garbage. You have to be willing to give up good players like  Hardy or Wieters in order to get guys who are make a better, more balanced teams.


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