Orioles Hot Stove: More Like Cold Stove

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Orioles Fans are getting restless. The winter meetings are underway, and so far Reliever Ryan Webb is the Orioles free agent “Splash”.  Teams like the Mariners and Mets are making big time moves to improve their team and the Orioles, “like Ryan Flaherty”.  I’m not going to acknowledge that comment. I can confirm though, the Orioles brass is at least at the annual baseball winter meetings. I was getting a little worried that Buck and Dan wouldn’t show based on their lack of interest in actually signing anyone.

   “This is the hat I should be wearing this season”

Right now, fans have every right to be upset with the Orioles. it’s 2013 and good ball players make money. The Orioles seem afraid to sign any top-tier free agents because of the price tag.  There is still time, but in order to improve this offseason we have got to look around the league and realize this is what talent costs.  It’s time to pay someone.  Scott Feldman, who was .500 with a high 3 ERA last season, just signed a 3 years $30 million contact.  He’s a good, but not great pitcher, and that’s what they cost.  Hell, Bartolo Colon, who’s going on 100 years old and is listed at 265 lbs (I know he’s pushing 300), just signed a 2 year $20 million deal. That’s market value on solid players. The Orioles need to accept that that is the going rate  and pay someone.  This offseason is a huge turning point for the Orioles. One way or the other. After two solid season we can either add talent to make a run, or cut payroll and go back to our losing ways. Which is it going to be?  So far, it’s not looking good.

  “265 pounds my ass”

Orioles off-season Grocery List

1) Closer

2) Ace

3) Left handed bat

4) 2nd Baseman


So far all we have added is a couple of wish sandwiches.

“The Orioles off-season is as awful as a sandwich without any meat, and that’s bad”


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