Orioles Follow Up Great Weekend By Sending Arrieta and Britton To The Hill

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What a great Father’s Day Weekend for the Birds.  By taking 3 out of 4 from the Sox the Orioles’ put themselves into position for a nice mid-season run at first place.  At series end the Birds were just 1.5 games out and playing very good baseball.  The pitching over the weekend had been particularly effective, with Tillman and Gonzalez pitching gems, and the bullpen regaining some of its past brilliance.  Hell even the rookie, Kevin Gausman, looked good against the big, bad Red Sox lineup.

Fast forward to today.  The Birds sent out career disappointment Jake Arrieta last night in the opener against Detroit.  He faced undefeated Matt Scherzer.  Even if you hadn’t seen the game last night, you could probably guess the result.  Yep, the Birds lost 5-1.  The Orioles will follow that crap sandwich up with a not-so-delicious shit sundae.  The Birds will send out Zach Britton to face Justin Verlander.  Yikes.  Way to throw in the towel for this series.  I understand that Jason Hammel is sick, but where is Gausman?  He seemed to pitch pretty well against the Red Sox this weekend, why send him down?  We’ve seen this Arrieta/ Britton act before, it simply hasn’t worked in the past, and it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence now.

Speaking of confidence, or lack thereof, Arrieta has not produced on the major league level, but I also feel like the Orioles’ have mis-handled the young right-hander.  Jake has talent, but he lacks that aforementioned confidence.  Bringing him up for a spot start against one of the best pitchers in the American League probably isn’t going help him in that department either.  Let Jake work it out down on the farm.  He needs to dominate minor league hitters before he’ll ever be effective in the show.

24 gone on the year

24 gone on the year

Chris Davis homered again last night, he now has 24 on the year.  Over the last 6 games Davis is batting .360 with 4 Home Runs and 9 RBIs.

Over those same 6 games, Manny Machado is batting .392  with 5 doubles.

Hopefully Zach Britton finds the big boy pants and wears them tonight against Verlander.

Let’s go O’s!


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  1. Maybe the birds should call Mr. Joshua up to pitch. Diplomatic Immunity!

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