Orioles Bring Back Red Sox Spoiler Robert Andino

Sports and Bets — February 6, 2017 at 12:27 pm by




Well what a change of events we have here on the day after the Super Bowl. Just as I’m sitting here thinking how much I’m gonna hate this offseason, the Baltimore Orioles drop a fucking bomb on us. ROBERT ANDINO IS BACK BABY! Yes. the same Robert Andino who knocked the Red Sox out of the playoffs in one of the greatest sports moments of my life back in 2011. I don’t care if Bobby Andino doesn’t register a plate appearance at the big league level (he won’t), he’s back in the organization right where he belongs. There should be a statue of him built outside of Camden Yards.

The Red Sox better watch the fuck out this year. the Curse of the Andino is back, and the O’s are taking no prisoners this year. Blood everywhere. Red Sox players dead and buried along the way. Boston can have their little Super Bowl fun this year, cause once baseball season starts, they’re all dead. Think we’re worried about Chris Sale? Guess again fuckers, we’re worried about nothing when we’ve got Robert Andino on our side.


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