Orioles Back To .500 and Oh, Ubaldo Needs To Step Up

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 by TheChode

With a much-needed  3-0 shut win in a day game at Camden Yards Tuesday afternoon, the Orioles bounced back to .500 for the year.  Like I said last week, it’s early, just relax.  After a tough loss to Toronto on Sunday, everybody in town freaked the hell out, but  the Birds rebounded and took 2 of 2 (thanks to the rain out) from Tampa Bay.  Chen gave a solid start on Monday and while Miguel Gonzalez’s start Wednesday only went 5 innings, it was still 5 scoreless and enough to give the O’s a chance to win. That’s more than the $50 million man, Ubaldo Jimenez can say at this point.

Here you are Ubaldo, now earn it….

Just as it’s to early to get worked up over every up and down for the team so early in the year, three games for a starting pitcher isn’t anything to start sounding off alarms about. It is a more than disappointing start to the season though for a starter labeled to be such a big time free agent signing. Jimenez started 2013 with the Indians a bit rocky. He got into his zone as time went on, and finished the back half of the season very strongly. So Ubaldo has been here before, and has gotten past early season slumps to thrive on the dog days of summer. While its way to early to overreact to Ubaldo’s struggles, it’s hard not to get heated when the starting pitcher we just singed for four years/$50 million is 0-3 with a 7.31 ERA. Numbers don’t lie, it ain’t good. He’s our guy though, and we’re stuck with him. The Orioles never, I mean never, give pitchers four-year deals. Maybe this is why? Other starters like Chen and Gonzo have turned in good outings in their last starts and many times good pitching can be contagious. I’ve got to think Jimenez will have a break out next game, and at least give us a quality start. It would be a step in the right direction, and the Orioles certainly need Ubaldo to step up if they plan to keep competing in the AL East.

The Birds head to Boston for four games.  This important April series includes an ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game on Easter evening, in which Jimenez is scheduled to start, and the Patriots Day game early Monday afternoon/late Monday morning. Beating the Bo Sox with a breaking out Ubaldo would be a hell of way to spend Easter night!

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