Orioles at Yankees Series Preview: Seabass Style

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Usually, our resident Orioles stat master, Toby, does a series preview before every Orioles series.  It’s honesty the most informative and thorough Orioles’ blog going.  But Toby is on vacation this weekend and he left the Yankees series preview in my hands.  Let’s just say this particular preview won’t be as thorough, or as well done, as Toby’s is.  I apologize in advance.

O’s at Yanks Series Preview:

I hate the Yankees with every bone in my body.  They epitomize what is wrong with professional baseball today.  I can’t wait for the Birds to go up to the Bronx and sweep them and their obnoxious fan base out of their own house.

Series Observations:

The Yankees suck and always will suck.

In order for the O’s to win tonight, Ubaldo Jimenez has to get his head out of his ass and quit walking people.

In order to win Saturday, the O’s need Bud Norris to keep being Bud Norris.

In order for the O’s to win Sunday, Chris Tillman needs to get out of the damn first few innings.  We need good Tillman back desperately.  Especially against the best pitcher in the AL East, Masahiro Tanaka.

Chris Davis has got to get hot soon, doesn’t he?  That short right field porch in Yankee Stadium has to have Crush licking his chops.

Mark Teixeira has taken A-Rod’s place as the biggest douche in baseball.

Derek Jeter is old.  Even too old to take advantage of a probable double team by two average looking drunk chicks.


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