Orioles Are The ‘Leading Contender’ To Host The 2016 All-Star Game

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It’s been brought up several times over the past couple years that the Orioles had a good chance to host the 2016 All-Star Game. Now, it appears that those rumors are finally close to becoming a reality. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale tweeted out the following this afternoon.

That’s music to my ears. The Orioles haven’t hosted an All-Star Game since 1993, which was Camden Yards’ second year in existence. The AL won 9-3, the late, great Kirby Puckett won MVP, and John Kruk acted like a giant pussy.

Usually, All-Star Games alternate between AL and NL cities, while showcasing new ballparks. Fortunately for the O’s, all the new stadiums in the American League have already hosted All-Star Games in recent years. This opens up the 2016 All-Star Game to teams that haven’t hosted the Midsummer Classic in quite sometime. The only AL teams that have gone longer without hosting an ASG than Baltimore are Oakland (1987), Toronto (1991), and Tampa Bay (never). Tampa Bay and Oakland both play in absolute dumps, so I’m not worried about either of those teams stealing the Birds’ spot. The only team that could pose a threat to the O’s are the Blue Jays. No disrespect to the Rogers Centre, but that stadium is nowhere near as iconic or aesthetically pleasing as Camden Yards. Also, Cito still sucks.


It’s not set in stone yet, but I love the Orioles’ chances of hosting the 2016 All-Star Game. Better start reinforcing those Warehouse windows now.

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cover pic: International Business Times

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