Orioles Are Reportedly Willing To Discuss Kevin Gausman In Possible Trades

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I know this is all speculation and all kinds of crazy rumors get brought up during the hot stove portion of the season, but trading Kevin Gausman would be asinine. I understand that with Eduardo Rodriguez in Boston and Hunter Harvey and Dylan Bundy suffering injuries, the O’s don’t have many high-level prospects. I understand that the Orioles are in win-now mode with pending free agents such as Chris Davis, Matt Wieters, Wei-Yin Chen, and Darren O’ Day on the squad. And I really, really understand that they desperately need to upgrade their deplorable corner outfield situation. But trading Gausman is not the answer to any of these problems. The former 1st round pick is a 24-year-old stud, who posted a 3.57 ERA in 20 starts last season and is under team control throughout the 2020 season. Despite Gausman’s struggles this year, he’s also unquestionably one of the Birds’ best five starting pitchers right now.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the O’s traded Gausman for Justin Upton or Carlos Gomez. These are two of the best outfielders that have been frequently brought up in recent trade discussions. Would this make the Birds’ lineup better? Without a doubt. Would it make their rotation worse? Absolutely. In my mind, adding Upton or Gomez to the lineup while having to replace Gausman with Bud Norris in the rotation would end up only making the O’s a slightly better team. I definitely don’t think it would dramatically improve the Birds’ chances of winning the World Series, but the ramifications of a deal like that would be catastrophic down the line. Upton is a pending free agent, and Gomez will be a free agent after the 2016 season. What would you rather have: a half season of Upton, a season and a half of Gomez, or 5.5 seasons of Gausman? That sounds like a pretty simple choice to me. Trading Gausman would be a terribly short-sighted move, and I sincerely hope the O’s aren’t seriously considering it.

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