Orioles Actually Receiving Some Honors In MLB Network’s “Top 10 Relief Pitchers Right Now” List

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Adam Jones got the ultimate slap in the face, being ranked at number 10 in MLB Network’s list of the ten best center fielders, Chris Davis was somewhat snubbed when listed as the ninth best first baseman, and Manny Machado didn’t receive the credit he deserved on the third baseman list, ranking at only number four. But the relief pitcher list was released tonight, and a pair of O’s pitchers got fair rankings on the list.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.50.09 PM


Here’s how MLB Network had the ten best relief pitchers in the game ranked:


10. Craig Kimbrel- Red Sox

9. Darren O’Day- Orioles

8. Tony Watson- Pirates

7. Ken Giles- Astros

6. Mark Melancon- Pirates

5. Zach Britton- Orioles

4. Andrew Miller- Yankees

3. Aroldis Chapman- Yankees

2. Dellin Betances-Yankees

1. Wade Davis- Royals


I’m actually impressed with this list, and honestly, pretty shocked that the O’s top guys made it.¬†MLB Network has snubbed the O’s players so far, and a guy like Darren O’Day would have been easy to pass on for their latest list. The top four on this list are clearly the top four relievers in baseball (scary that the Yankees have three of them), so the fact that Zach Britton came in directly behind the elite four is a huge compliment. No complaints here.


PS- I miss this look

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.57.02 PM

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