Orioles Acquire SS Tim Beckham From The Rays

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I HATE that the Orioles did nothing at the trade deadline to improve their farm system. Hate it. Seth Smith, Castillo, Britton and/or Brach should have been moved. I don’t know what the return was that was offered, and maybe it wasn’t enough for the two bullpen guys, considering their still under team next year still, but trade Smith and Castillo for something. ANYTHING. It doesn’t matter, they’re of no use now that we’ve got essentially zero shot to make the playoffs. Today, the Orioles acquired SS Tim Beckham from the Rays, and many are calling us buyers because of it. That’s not really true.

A former first round pick who never fully lived up to expectations, Tim Beckham is under team control through 2020, and with JJ Hardy coming off the books after this year, the O’s were going to have to find a replacement at short stop, preferably one who is cheap, considering I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Manny Machado is going to command a lot of money. Getting a shortstop with 3 years of arbitration left is extremely team favorable. Beckham is making $885,000 this year.

Beckham isn’t a franchise cornerstone type of player or anything like that, and may not end up being the Orioles’ starting short stop, although he’ll have a chance to compete for the job. But for the price that he commands, this is a good deal. This year he’s hitting .259 with 12 homers and 5 stolen bases. None of these stats are jaw dropping, but it shows he has a bit of power and a bit of speed. And all of those categories are a step up from JJ Hardy.

Although the O’s failed to booster their farm system, they did get a player who might be their every day starter at shortstop for them for a few years, at a cheap price.

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