Oriole Team Records Revisited

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A little while back we looked at the crazy numbers being put up Manny Machado and Chris Davis and compared them to the Orioles’ team single season records that they were chasing.  Some now seem out of reach, while other records seem even more vulnerable.  Here’s an update.records tejajd

1. Batting Average (.340 Melvin Mora 2004)  Melvin Mora was a good ball player but I still find it difficult to believe that he holds the record for the best Oriole batting average over a single season.  With Manny, Jones, and Davis all batting in the .296 to .315 range, Mora’s record looks safe for at least another season.

2. Hits (214 Miguel Tejada 2006)  Miggy was a beast in his four years as an Oriole, and 214 hits is a ton of hits.  Manny’s got 128 hits through 96 games and is on pace for 216 hits.  It’s like that average looking chick with a great personality after you’ve had 10 beers- definitely doable.


3. Slugging (.646 Jim Gentile 1961) Davis is currently at .717.  This record will be his this year, he’s not slowing down.

4. OBS (1.069 Jim Gentile 1961) Davis is at 1.109.  Sorry Jim, Davis is going to overshadow your incredible ’61 season even further.

records gentile

5. Doubles (50 B-Rob 2009, Tejada 2005) Manny’s got 39 already.  He’s on pace for 65.  I don’t think there’s any way he doesn’t get 50, that’s only 11 more doubles in 66 games.  He may break the major league record of 67 while he’s at it.

6. Runs (132 Roberto Alomar 1996)  This record is safe for the mad-spitter.  Davis has 70 and is on pace for 118.


7. Extra Base Hits (92 Brady Anderson 1996) Davis has 64 already.  I see more than 28 in his future.records brady

8. Total Bases (369 Brady Anderson 1996) Davis is on pace to break all of Brady’s 1996 records.  Chris is on pace for 415 Total Bases.  It’s time for a true slugger to have all the slugging records.

9. RBIs (150 Miguel Tejada 2004) Crush has 93 RBIs and is on pace for 157.  It’s gonna be close.

10. Home Runs (50 Brady Anderson 1996) Crush had more dingers at the break than any player in AL history.  He’s on pace for 62, and dammit, I say he gets there.  He’ll be the first to break Maris’ record without HGH, horse drugs, steroids, andro, or whatever the fuck those goons were taking a few years back.

It’s going to be a fun second half….Let’s Go O’s!



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