One Thing We Learned From Yesterday’s A’s/O’s Brawl: Nobody Wants None From Wayne Kirby

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Manny Machado is getting a lot of grief for chucking his bat yesterday during the O’s 11-1 blowout loss to the A’s. Personally I have zero problem with what Manny did, simply because it was obvious that the A’s were throwing at him.  Plus, they were throwing inside at his knee, which he just spent months rehabbing after an awful injury late last year.  If the A’s had thrown at my knee after something like that, I may have charged the damn mound- bat in hand.  Everyone is talking about the bat throw and criticizing Manny, but what they should be talking about is the puss pitcher from Oakland who throws at someone and then never has to step in the batter’s box himself;  its complete bullshit and Machado had every right to be upset.

But the real lesson learned from yesterday’s incident is that Orioles first base coach Wayne Kirby is a complete bad ass.  Bench clear, things get heated, and in comes Kirby, grabbing the closest guy to Manny and trucking him fifteen yards off of the point of attack.  Everything kind of halted after that.  There were some little shoves and then boss Buck Showalter stepped in too, but I guarantee you every Oakland A in the building was hesitant to really throw down because of ol’ goat Kirby.

Throwing up steal signs, directing on-base traffic, and regulating tense situations, my new favorite Bird, Wayne “Big Truck” Kirby.

The Ravens should sign this road grader.  Probably shore up the O-Line…..


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  1. Was there no actual fight?

  2. One thing I learned from many bench clearing brawls is you only pull your own guys out. Brave move by Kirby. You grab a guy on the other team it usually makes things worse.

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