On This Day In 1968 Earl Became O’s Skipper. We Celebrate With Some Earl Cuss Rants

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Earl Weaver was the fucking man.  That’s why he’s in the Hall of Fame and that’s why there’s a statue of him at The Yard.  On this day in 1968, cantankerous Earl became the manager of our beloved Birds.  To commemorate this great day, I’ve thrown together a few of Earl’s best YouTube moments.  Known around these parts as the Duke of Earl, Weaver was thrown out of 91 games, smoked cigarettes in the tunnel leading out to the dugout during games, and patented the backwards hat-umpire debate look…..


He also weaved F-Bombs into arguments with complete artistry.  Notice in this clip that the game is in the top of the first inning. Weaver is arguing a balk called on Mike Flanagan…

Today, Earl couldn’t have been Earl.  Instant replay takes personality right out of the game.

Here is Earl’s legendary. “Manager’s Corner”, radio show clip.  This clip is real, Tom Marr and Earl recorded it as a prank, it wasn’t an actual show.  Somehow it found its way onto YouTube all these years later….

I’ll leave you with this video of some of Weaver’s best quotes.  Earl was one hilarious ol’ goat.


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