On April 20th, Ben & Jerry’s Wants You To Roll Up One Of Their Treats, And There’s DEFINITELY No 4/20 Reference

News — April 17, 2015 at 1:27 pm by

This is a savvy move by the people at Ben & Jerry’s, telling us to roll up some ice cream on 4/20 when you get the munchies after rolling a fatty. I have to give it up to them for having the courage to make no doubt about the fact that they’re advertising just for 4/20, and not being pussies about it and pretending they’re not, and later issuing a fake apology for “a misunderstanding,” like a lot of companies would do. Stoners everywhere are gonna jump on the B&J’s bandwagon so hard if they weren’t already on it. One of the nation’s largest ice cream companies is openly telling the world to smoke weed, then munch on a rolled ice cream treat afterwards. And that thing looks delicious too.

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