‘Ollie’ The Bobcat Is Still On The Lam After Escaping The National Zoo

News, Outdoors — January 31, 2017 at 10:55 am by

On Monday morning, a bobcat named Ollie, went missing from The National Zoo in D.C. The seven-year-old, 25 pound cat, was last seen at 7:30am, but was nowhere in sight for breakfast at 10:40am.

Nearly 24 hours later, and Ollie is still running amuck.

Smithsonian The Zoo received several calls from the public overnight with consistent information indicating she may be in the Zoo’s adjacent Woodley/Cleveland Park neighborhoods. Early this morning, the Zoo dispatched a team comprised of zoo keepers, zoo Police and DC Humane Rescue Alliance who are currently searching in these areas. No one should approach the bobcat if she is spotted. The public should note the time and exact location of the bobcat and call 202-633-7362.

Ollie doesn’t have many choices. I want to hear a Homeward Bound tale, where Ollie ends up pillaging the mountains of West Virginia, but the odds are against her. Ollie’s in Washington D.C., basically the equivalent of Neo navigating through The Matrix. Get back to the zoo, Ollie, it is literally the best bet. The longer this drags out, the chances of Washington deporting all felines to Canada increase…

Of course, there is a Twitter handle

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