Olive Garden Will Start Making Breadstick Sandwiches

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Olive Garden’s coming in hot with a game changer! Starting June 1, you can get a chicken parmigiana or meatball sandwich at Olive Garden that uses their delicious breadsticks. Here’s more details from The Huffington Post:

The addition of the breadstick sandwiches are just the latest attempt to revamp Olive Garden’s menu and marketing after sales at established locations have declined for the past three of its fiscal years. Justin Sikora, a Darden representative, said the breadsticks used for the sandwiches will be a bit shorter and wider than the regular breadsticks. As with all other dishes, the company says the sandwiches come with unlimited breadsticks. The sandwiches will be available only on the chain’s lunch menu. The meatball sandwich will cost $6.99 and the chicken parmigiana will cost $7.99, Sikora said.


Breadsticks on top of breadsticks on top of breadsticks. With sales decreasing, you’ve gotta stick with your big guns. It’s live by the breadstick, die by the breadstick for Olive Garden, and they’ve just hit a home run. Using breadsticks as a vessel to carry meat, cheese, and sauce to your suckhole makes so much sense I’m pissed that I didn’t think of it first. It’s the best thing to happen to Italian food since Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza. It’s also a mortal lock that Frank Ricard’s already made reservations for June 1.

via The Huffington Post
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