Old School Local TV Buffet: Petey Greene on How To Eat A Watermelon

Entertainment, Featured — September 19, 2013 at 6:28 pm by

by VooDude

When I was a kid, sometimes the best way to get the Orioles game was to watch it on DC’s Channel 20, “Washington’s Home of the Orioles” (and Terrapins!). It was also the home of old sit-com reruns. But it also had local news and some independent programming. 
Here is a four-minute clip of “Petey Greene’s Washington” on How to Eat a Watermelon. Not only is it hilarious, but it contains a truth I only discovered recently. The best way to eat a watermelon is with a TWANG of salt. (But no more!)

Where else can you hear  “I went to party with some white folks……they had slices.”  Or the phrase “two cold-blooded country bamas.” Classic.  Also kinda hard to believe that this was on TV.


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