Old Hag Gives Photographer The Finger During Marriage Proposal

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There are three things that this bird flip could mean.  1. Sit the fuck down and quit blocking my view. 2. Don’t get married, it will destroy your life. Or, 3. Public proposals suck.  Personally, I’ve  never been a fan of the public marriage proposal, take care of your special moments in private.  But I gotta give dude credit where credit is due, he had this thing planned out pretty well.  Ring. Check. Girlfriend. Check.  Tickets to Rockies game. Check.  Photographer chillin’ two rows in front of us.  Check.  Jumbo-Tron at stadium with “Will you marry me?” on it. Check.  Old bitch sitting directly behind photographer.  Fuuuuck.  Unfortunately dude didn’t plan for an angry o’l hag who wants the stupid person taking the picture to sit down so she can enjoy watching the cather, “send one down” to the second baseman between innings.  Although nothing is funnier than a nasty ass old lady, and now this picture is truly unforgettable.  Shit, I’d hang this damn thing right in my foyer.

flipping bird

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