Oklahoma Fan Gets LAID OUT For Talking Shit To A Classroom Full Of Texas Students

Sports and Bets — October 11, 2017 at 4:34 pm by



You could make a totally legit argument here that neither of these guys were in the wrong, and in fact both were totally in the right IMO. If I’m a Sooners fan in a class full of Texas students, I’d have every right to stand up there and talk shit about your pussy ass offense. Try forming a better one, and then I won’t have a right to talk shit. Problem solved. But then again if I’m the guy sitting in a classroom full of my fellow Texas fans, and some dick head Sooners fan is in front of us all assessing our offense as “pussy ass,” I have every right to form tackle him to the ground and rub his face in the carpet.

Side note- This guy’s speech got me so fired up about a rivalry I could give two fucks less about. Guy’s the next Ray Lewis at giving pre game pump up speeches.



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