“Oh, Lawd!” Lady Drops Her Drugs On A Baltimore Bus

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The wheels on the bus go round and round…..

What a mess.  I mean this lady’s gotta be pissed.  On some level we all can relate, this is like spilling coffee on your morning commute.  You just know the rest of your day is going to suck when that happens.  Personally, I think she took the whole thing in stride and at least she has the benefit of being able to salvage some of her spilled powder.  If that’s my coffee, no way am I sucking it off the bus floor.  But with her pick-me-up being in sniff-able form, she can just dab at it and snort away.  And maybe she was okay with losing her product because that scratch-off that she was about to use as a narcotic to nose runway was a winner!  No worries at all when the lottery is putting dead presidents in your pocket!

But seriously folks, this may be one of the saddest videos I’ve ever watched. Sniffing dope off the metro floor is probably not a goal that anybody wants to aim for.  I can’t figure out what’s worse, the fact that this woman is snorting yak on the bus, or that fact that nobody bats an eye that it’s happening.  Ain’t nothin’ to it.  This video kinda sums up our rep and our problems here in Charm City, doesn’t it?  Baltimore’s been decimated by drugs and the violence and social issues that comes with them.  But instead changing something or trying to do something, we’re all just watching it happen around us.

Gotta love this town!

via:  Mario Kelvin Brown and   YouTube

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  1. Well, least she not eating off peoples faces while snortin up that great ol’ cannibalistic zombie bath salts 😉

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