Off Duty Officer Accused Of Biting Man’s Testicles Behind Looney’s Canton Is No Longer On Force…

News — October 19, 2015 at 2:54 pm by


You might remember Michael Flaig, a former officer who had himself a very eventful Cinco de Mayo, 2015 . The former  Anne Arundel County police officer was tying one on at Looney’s in Canton, when a man disapproved of how he touched his female roommate. From there, things escalated pretty quickly, potentially costing him his job. Via CBS:

A Baltimore man is no longer an Anne Arundel County police officer after he was charged for public intoxication and accused of biting another man’s testicles during a fight outside a bar while he was off-duty on Cinco de Mayo. County police spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure tells The Capital of Annapolis 31-year-old Cpl. Michael Flaig is no longer employed by the department as of Sept. 23, but he wouldn’t elaborate on why he left.

Good ol’ Cinco de Mayo, it will get you every time. Perfect excuse to wear a sombrero, and guzzle the finest of an irish pub. With that tequila, you can bet your ass that somebody you know will be cursing this holiday by sunrise. It could be rolling down the steps of a crowded bar, puking on your server…or chomping on some testicles… Word of advice, stay inside next Cinco de Mayo. No nut is safe.


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