Off-Duty Cop Accused Of Biting Man’s Testicle During Fight Behind Canton Looney’s

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31-year-old Michael Flaig had himself a very eventful Cinco de Mayo. The Anne Arundel County police officer was tying on one at Looney’s in Canton, when a man disapproved of how he touched his female roommate. From there, things escalated pretty quickly. Via WBAL:

Police learned that Flaig and another man jumped the victim outside the bar after the victim confronted Flaig about his touching his friend and roommate — a woman. The victim told police that during the altercation Flaig bit his testicle and ran off. Police said they were unable to find the second man involved in the attack.

Police found an inebriated Flaig at Claddagh Pub with blood on his shirt, and placed him under arrest. He’s been charged with second-degree assault. That’s pretty much Cinco de Mayo in a nutsack nutshell. One minute, your’re having a ball. The next, you’re biting into one during a back-alley scuffle. Tequila is a hell of a drug.

via Gawker & WBAL
cover pic: WBAL

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  1. Well there’s something that this idiot will be remembered for,,, and for a LONG time to!!!!

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