Ocean City, MD Soon Will Only Allow Smoking In Designated Areas On The Beach, Boardwalk

News — September 16, 2014 at 12:29 am by


There’s just nothing like the feeling of being on the beach at Ocean City in 85-degree weather, when I’m all suns out guns out, and some jabroni sitting fifteen feet away from me lights up a cigarette and blows their smoke all up in my shit. Starting May 1, 2015, Ocean City will require that people only smoke in designated spots at the beach, and on the boardwalk.

Great move. As a non-smoker myself, I don’t need to leave the beach smelling like an ash tray after choking on your smoke for the last 6 hours. Hopefully they’ll be a bit more strict when it comes to the cigarette ban as they are on the alcohol ban. Walk out on the beach with a case of Natty Light, a funnel, and a table for flip cup, and there’s only a fifty percent chance you get caught.

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