Obvious Tip Of The Day: When Hammered Near The Inner Harbor, Don’t Get Too Close To The Water

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We don’t usually talk about the most serious of topics around here but, sadly, the ninth body since October was found floating in the Inner Harbor early this morning.  Of course, we don’t know the exact circumstances behind this latest victim’s passing, but no matter what the cause, it’s pretty damn disturbing.

According to the Baltimore Sun,  city officials have said that alcohol has been a factor in the majority of these recent drownings.  A drunk person falling into the water is nothing new, but a drunk person falling into the water and drowning every two and a half weeks seems pretty damn ridiculous; and with 9 floating bodies in 5 months that’s roughly the pace we’re at right now.

So, unless your name is Aquaman and you can get the animals of the deep to help you when you’re struggling in the water, follow these two simple tips after boozing your face off near, and around, the Inner Harbor.

1. Stay away from the edge of the water.  Notice there aren’t any railings, and the water is deep and black, so if you fall in, you’ll be confused as hell and you may not be able to tell which way is up.

2. Take care of each other, babes. Make sure your boys and/or your ladies don’t end up drunk and staggering around the city like Frank the Tank with a fucking dart in his neck.



  1. Yeah, they are drowning, or someone is dumping a body.

  2. Shady if you ask ….9 is a hell of a lot….especially for winter time.

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