Nuclear JJ Strikes Again, Birds Lose 4-3 To Tribe. Plus, It’s Time For A Trade.

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Not mentioned in the article is the fact that Hammel pitched a great game.

Not mentioned in the article is the fact that Hammel pitched a great game.

It’s hard to have faith in Jim Johnson this season.   Sure, he’s got 27 saves, but he’s blown a lot of games for the Birds, and with this pennant race so tight, the Orioles can’t afford a shaky closer.  Johnson is now 2-6, and six losses is a lot for a guy who is only asked to pitch one inning most nights, and remember, the season isn’t even half over.   I highly doubt Buck would make a change right now, but I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Tommy Hunter get the chance to close some games.

The good news is that Johnson takes ownership of his poor performances.  He’s known as an extremely hard worker.  Hopefully he gets it back together quickly, because an ERA over 4.00 is god-damn unacceptable for a closer in this division.

Hey Ump, you fucking suck.

Hey Ump, you fucking suck.

The umpires have been fucking terrible lately.  Tonight was no exception.   From a hit batsman that wasn’t hit by the ball to Manny Machado being safe on a slide to first, the guys in blue took the screws to the home team.  A shady Cleveland pitching change in which reliever Joe Smith was allowed extra throws in the pen added to the frustration.  Several ball/strike calls that went against the O’s pitchers made it even worse.    In fact the ghost hit batsman scored on Jason Kipnis’ home run.  That run was the difference in the ballgame.  Can anyone say replay system?  Get it together Bud Selig.

Starters Chris Sale, Matt Garza, and dominant reliever Jesse Crain are all available from the two Chicago ball clubs.  It’s time to make a deal.  We have prospects to give. The Birds seem enamored with their young, up and coming, starters.  But young pitchers are no guarantee, and with Dylan Bundy headed for Tommy John surgery, and the former “starting pitching stars of the future” trio of Britton, Arrieta, and Matusz unable to nail down permanent spots in the rotation, it’s time to go get some proven commodities to help put this team over the top.  Tillman, Sale, Gonzalez, Chen, and Hammel.  How nice would that rotation sound for the second half?  Pretty fucking nice.

In good news Manny Machado beasted tonight.  He broke up Kazmir’s no hitter with, of course, a double.  His other hit was the go ahead RBI in the 8th, and hell, he would have had 3 hits if the umps would have gotten his slide into first correct.

Chris Davis now has 73 RBIs.  He is a machine.

Kluber (6-4) vs Gonzalez (5-3)

O’s need this split in a bad way.

Let’s Go O’s!

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