Nothing Warms My Heart Like Chris Sale Getting SHELLED In His First Ever Postseason Start

Sports and Bets — October 5, 2017 at 8:03 pm by


Thursday’s game against the Astros was Chris Sale’s first postseason game of his career, and here he was talking before the game:



Did you hear that? Throwing till his arm falls off, he’s in. Never been more ready for anything in his life. Game face on, this is what Chris Sale lives for.


Aaaaaand then the game started, and this happened:  


And this:


And this:



Chris Sale’s postseason ERA? 12.60. That would make Ubaldo Jimenez laugh out loud at how bad that is. Chris Sale stinks out loud in the postseason. Sucks eggs. Absolutely caved under pressure. What a BUM. He was the worst player on the field tonight, and it wasn’t close. Fuck this guy. Probably gonna come out and throw at one of the Houston batters six times if he’s lucky enough to get another shot (He won’t, the Red Sox are getting swept).


The Red Sox are far and away the worst team in the postseason, and the only guy they thought they could 100% rely on crumbled like a fucking potato chip in the biggest game of his career. Warms the heart.





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