Nothing Like Some Crappy Oriole Baseball To Ruin Your Week

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Feldman pitched well, but it wasn’t enough

Aggravation. Two in a row to these washed up bums?  Come on man.  The Birds can’t get enough big hits.  The bullpen gives out home runs like a soup kitchen gives out turkey during the holidays. And all this in the comforts of Camden Yards.  It’s gross. What makes matters worse is that the starting pitching has been solid all month.  What makes it worse than that is that the Birds are losing to a suspended player who is even hated by his own teammates.  The Birds can’t hold a lead these days, and we’re running out of days.

The Yankees are now ahead of us in the Wild Card standings.

Chris Davis hit his 40th double.  He is the first Oriole to have 40 home runs and 40 doubles in the same season.

Feldman only allowed three hits, but two of them were home runs.

Danny Valencia is smokin’ .  He went 4 for 4 tonight.

Only 17 games left.

Tomorrow night: Huff (2-1) vs Chen (7-7)

Let’s Go O’s!

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