Nothing Like Getting Blackout Drunk Only To Wake Up Falling From The Sky

Humor — April 8, 2014 at 12:20 pm by

This has got to be the best place on the planet to go skydiving. Any place that will let me gear up a lifeless friend so I can toss him from a plane, that’s the place for me. Legit or not, this has got to be top 5 worst stunts to pull on a buddy. I jumped from a plane once (trying to be cool), and I may or may not have shit my pants. According to the YouTube description, this guy signed a waiver days in advance:

1) I signed a waiver a few days ago before my bday, my friends covered the description part, so I signed it without knowing what and when exactly it was about. All I know was we gonna do something crazy for my bday.
2) I have never done skydiving in my life before.
3) I am extremely afraid of heights.
4) They put earplugs in my ears so I couldn’t hear the airplane noise.
5) I am super lightweight when it comes to drinking… I took a lot of shots the night before and was blacked out… all I remember was getting carried out the club or something like that and that’s it…


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