Northern California Police Department Now Training With Nunchucks

News — October 28, 2015 at 12:33 pm by

An Anderson, California police department just became every criminals worst nightmare, when they began training with nunchucks.

ABC A California police department is now using nunchucks as a way to forcibly restrain suspects. It’s illegal to own nunchucks in the state of California. Police, however, can be certified to use them as a multipurpose weapon. The Anderson Police Department is doing just that, saying nunchucks are an excellent non-lethal tool to help officers deal with a violent suspect.

I love the idea of nunchuck wielding. police officers. Criminals being apprehended by these officers? Maybe not. I can’t point my finger on it, but something about this doesn’t seem intimidating.


However, I love the confidence in this guy. This is everything he could have dreamed of, and he is reeking of confidence with those things.

These were kind of designed with a different goal in mind to be more of a control weapon, but like I said, it’s not like we can’t use these as an impact weapon,” Day explained. “They work eally good as an impact weapon, but we try to emphasize a control tool over impact.

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