North Korean Propaganda Videos Are Hilarious

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From the CharmCityWire world news desk:  Those crazy North Koreans are at it again.  After having their United States nuclear holocaust video pulled off youtube due to “Call of Duty”  copyright infringement, the crazy commies are back to the drawing board with two new videos  from their  “We Hate America”  series.  These terrifying depictions of American life and its doom at the hands of the angry Asian commies really create quite a scare.  I mean the public access cable channel boasts  better special effects than these state made turds.  Shit, in the second one, I kept waiting for fucking Godzilla to make an appearance.  Maybe Kim Jong-un should borrow an old monster suit from Japan and include Godzilla in his next production.  We Americans can handle rocket-launchers, infantrymen, and tanks, but if they got Godzilla we are fucked!

The first video is a short documentary on life in America.  Parts of this may or may not have  been filmed in Detroit or  Cleveland. This first video is translated into English. 


What’s the fascination with  snow-made coffee?  Anyway, here’s the military video where we Americans are overrun by the North Korean war machine.  After watching this I think I’ve got a better chance of dying laughing at this video than being killed by a North Korean soldier during an assault.  Shit I’ll bet these jokers wouldn’t make it out of West Baltimore if they got parachuted in.  This video is in Korean, but it’s worth a peek, especially stoned.



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