Norfolk Tides Outfielder Quintin Berry Got Ejected, Ran Around the Bases Anyway

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Just a tremendous all-around performance from Quintin there. Let’s break it down step by step. First, he brings the tying run to the plate in the ninth inning by slapping a single to left like a mid-’90s Tony Gwynn. Brilliant piece of hitting. Then, he gets ejected while standing on first base. You see plenty of ejections over balls and strikes or for pitchers hitting batters. But after a single? That’s some trailblazer type shit from Quintin. Here comes the best part, Quintin runs around the bases and slides into home. Quintin will not be denied from scoring, come hell or high water. Love that heart. He also knows that standing there and yelling at the umpire is not only played out, but bad for the ol’ ticker. Is Quintin going to rise his blood pressure to dangerous levels over an incompetent ump? Fuck no, he’s too wise for that. Finally, he gets up, tosses a few casual insults at the ump, and walks into the dugout. No going crazy, no dragging out the inevitable. Every great entertainer knows that you always leave your audience wanting more, so that’s exactly what Quintin did. Awesome stuff. I only hope that Dan Duquette saw that clip. Plain and simple, this guy’s a ballplayer Danny. Make the call, save the season.

via Deadspin

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